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Heavy Duty Brake Rims


Heavy duty brake rims with steel or optional stainless steel water jackets or splash cooled is used on oil drilling and work over rigs. They are installed on the draw works to used for brakes of hundred of thousands pounds of iron. It is important to make sure your brakes are in great condition at all times or their could be loss in many ways. From losing a drill string to losing a complete well. It is important that you can trust in the brakes working properly for the safety of everyone. General Services has been doing this worldwide for over 50 years and has never once had a accident from the brakes we manufacture and sell. We are certified in such and such a certificate.

Heavy Duty Brake Rim Brands:

bullet Bethlehem
bullet Brewster
bullet Cabot
bullet Caldwell
bullet Cooper
bullet Crane Carrier
bullet Emsco
bullet Franks
bullet Gardner-Denver
bullet Hooper
bullet Ideco
bullet National
bullet Oilwell
bullet OIME
bullet Skytop
bullet Superior
bullet Unit
bullet Wilson





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